Roma March Celebrates More Than 36 Years of Dedicated Service to 2nd Judicial Circuit in Knox County

By Emilie Rumble

For thirty-six years and seven months, which totals a little more than half of her life, Roma March has dedicated her days and nights, no matter what the hour, to serving the citizens of Knox County, Missouri, in the Knox County Courthouse, beginning her career of service with the 2nd Judicial Circuit Court in 1984.

March began as Associate Probate Clerk and Deputy Circuit Clerk with Knox County Associate Probate Judge Garry Lewis. For the past six-and-a-half years she has faithfully and dutifully served as the Knox County Circuit Clerk.

March served under Jim Gibbons, alongside Judge Bruce Normile, Judge Bill Alberty, Judge Fred Westhoff, Judge Kristie Swaim, Judge Joyce Otten, Judge Garry Lewis, Judge Tom Redington and Judge Russell Steele.

March graciously welcomed all to the celebration and expressed her sincere appreciation to all citizens and those she has worked with over the many years.

Judge Russell Steele shared the following remarks, “Roma is the epitome of a civil servant. She could be relied upon by Judges, the lawyers, co-workers, and citizens to do her work according to the law and to the very best of her ability. She will be greatly missed. We join together in wishing her well.”

March will be replaced by an appointment to finish out the 1 ½ years of the remaining term to be selected by Governor Mike Parson.