Confused by Solar?

Submitted by Travis Mathes

Lewis County REC

The interest in solar power in our area is at an alltime high. Many of you may have been targeted on social media by solar dealers trying to sell you solar panels at your farm, home, or business. These social media ads claim that you will get large rebates and high returns on your investment if you install solar. They even offer to finance to entire project for you. Don’t fall victim to this sales scheme. These dealers are also using the sales pitch, “You will never have to pay your electric provider again.” This is a false statement. According to current Missouri Statute your utility will always bill you for your service availability and security lights, therefore, you will still have a monthly bill from your utility. Missouri currently does NOT offer incentives like our neighboring states do, which can have a major effect on the bottom-line price that you pay for a solar system. Most of the time when the company offers a rebate, the company is simply inflating the cost of the panels to offset the rebate. We want to caution you on the financing options offered by these companies as well. We have seen companies offering low interest up front, no money down, financing options for solar, but when you read the fine print after 24 months the financing will jump as high as 25%.

If you are thinking about solar, please, give me a call and let me talk to you about our net metering agreement and policy. Unlike the solar company that has one objective – to sell their products and services – we will look at the total energy picture and help you determine if solar is right for you. We want to insure you will get a return on your investment and/or achieve the ultimate objective you are looking for by installing solar panels. Members must have a net metering agreement in place with Lewis County REC, prior to installation of an alternative energy source. At Lewis County REC we recognize that member interest in green energy sources and renewables is at an all-time high, and we stand ready to help our members determine their options. Being a member owned electric cooperative, commitment to community, is one of our core principles and looking out for the best interest of our member/owners falls under that principle. Before you sign a contract with any company to install alternative energy, please, reach out to us and let us be at the table with you to make sure you are not being taken advantage of. If you have any questions give me a call today and I will be happy to work with you, as well as, provide a list of local, trusted installers that will give you an accurate quote and help you assess what alternate energy is best for you.