Piano makes for unique flower bed, shelf

by Patty Cheffey

Carol Bezler wasn’t planning on a piano flower “pot”, she just wanted a keyboard shelf.

She got both.

Jackie Sublette stands behind the piano she decorated with flowers for Carol Bezlers unique outdoor scene. (Contributed photo)

Having seen on the internet how some people had converted the keys from a piano into a wall shelf, Bezler, who has played piano for over 60 years and is a former music teacher for the Palmyra School District, decided that was something she wanted.

Her hunt for a piano brought her to Amy Adrian, who sold Bezler a piano last year.

“We took the keys off right there in their house and numbered them,” Bezler said, noting that was necessary for the shelf. “Then we put them in a sack and I brought the whole thing home.

Kerry Bross built the shelf for Bezler, something she believes he enjoyed doing.

“It was challenging and something different,” she said. “Just look at it. It’s beautiful.”

Now, what to do with the remainder of the piano.

Once again, the internet provided inspiration.

Having seen a picture of a grand piano that had been converted to a waterfall and flower bed, Bezler decided she wanted something similar.

Thanks to Jackie Sublette, she got it.

Carol Belzer stands beside her piano key shelf built by Kerry Bross. (Contributed photo)

“Jackie planted all the flowers. She has the green thumb,” said Bezler, noting the mandevillas which are currently cascading down the sides and back of the piano.

“She designed and planted everything,” Bezler added.

While the effects of the unique flower bed are dazzling, Bezler said she doesn’t think it will last another season.

“It’s falling apart,” she said of the piano, which was treated prior to installation of the flowers with the hopes of making it water proof. “All of the rain we’ve had this spring and summer just got it too wet.

“It will probably last a few more months,” Bezler added. “But it’s been fun. It’s been a fun project.”