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Chamber of Commerce Reports on 2021 Projects, Makes Plans for 2022

January 10, 2022

Dear Editor,

As President of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, I’d like to take this opportunity to bring our community up to speed on the things your Chamber of Commerce accomplished in 2021 and what’s ahead in 2022.

Last year and to continue this year, we hosted the Market on Main Summer Kickoff & Fall Fiesta, Trunk or Treat, a golf tournament, Career Fair and assisted with the Christmas Kickoff. We have also held 4 ribbon cuttings welcoming or acknowledging a reopening of our Chamber members. We are so excited at our community’s response to all the events held and hope you enjoyed them as well.

Also coming this Spring 2022, we are donating 4 benches to place on the courthouse lawn to have on every side of the square. We are constantly seeking ways to give back to our community, please let us know if you have any ideas.

In addition, we have also created Milan Moolah, our own currency. The sole purpose of Milan Moolah is to keep our dollars local. Boosting our local economy is one of our biggest missions. If you are a local business and have not informed the Chamber of your willingness to accept Moolah please do so, so you too can reap the benefits as well.

I would like to take a moment to introduce our Chamber Board, without their loyalty and determination virtually all of what we have accomplished this year would not have been possible.

Brittani Maulsby, President

Matt Keuhn, Vice President

Jennifer Ballinger, Treasurer

Jacquelyn Perez, Secretary

Ashlee Taylor, Moolah Director

Haley Weter, Social Media Director

Crystal Bupp, Traditional Media Director

Sydney Arnold, Member

Cyndy Brummitt, Member

Samantha McCabe, Member

We are always looking to grow; therefore, if you would like to become a member in 2022, or are interested in becoming more involved, please contact any of the Board Members listed above, or email us at milanchamber@gmail. com. Your membership and your continued support will help make our success possible. Thank you for a wonderful year!


Brittani Maulsby

President, Milan Chamber of Commerce