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Nursing Home Residents Placed at Other Facilities, Board Prepares to Close Down Care Center Jan. 14



Wednesday, January 5, 2022

DRAFT – Board members of the Scotland County Nursing Home District convened on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, at the care center located at 434 E Sigler Avenue in Memphis, MO, 63555, to conduct another weekly board meeting. Those present included Bill Kidoo, Tom Deberry, Cindy Justice, Tara Shultz, Lana McRobert, legal counsel Scott Summers, (Tim Schrage) administrator, reporter Echo Menges, and maintenance supervisor Micheal Monroe. This meeting had been legally posted per the Missouri Sunshine Law and a quorum was present.

Mr. Kidoo called this meeting to order at approximately 6:07 pm. The posted agenda was considered and a motion made by Lana McRobert to approve the posted agenda with the addition of “Administrator’s Report”. There was a second by Cindy Justice. A vote was taken. The motion carried.

Under New Business, the board entertained a lease proposal from the Scotland County Hospital which wishes to lease the kitchen area from the nursing home district. A draft copy had been circulated prior to this meeting. There was extensive discussion. There was concern from the hospital in their having the maintenance manpower to monitor the entire nursing home building, that portion which they were not leasing. Thereupon, a motion was made by Tom Deberry to proceed with finalizing a lease agreement so that the hospital can have full operation of the nursing home kitchen beginning January 17, 2022.

It is understood by both parties that the final draft would need to be approved and signed by both governing parties but that it is the desire of both parties for the food service at the hospital be uninterrupted. This motion was seconded by Lana McRobert. A vote was taken. The motion carried unanimously.

The next topic under New Business dealt with how much winterizing should be done in the RCF and SNF as part of the closing of operations. The maintenance supervisor asked the board for guidance on how extensively to disconnect and drain water lines in the nursing home and RCF buildings. There was extensive discussion.

Ultimately, Cindy Justice moved to maintain temperatures between 55-60 degrees and to keep all water lines in-tact and undisturbed. Tara Shultz seconded that motion. A vote was taken. The motion carried.

Discussion was had about the degree of responsibility the board has in maintaining the building and premises. The board acknowledged Dr. Tobler’s statements that the hospital maintenance department was quite limited in the amount of time they could devote to oversight of the portion of the nursing home building that they did not lease. When considering the limitations, the hospital maintenance department a motion was made by Cindy Justice to pay Micheal Monroe $1000 per month to tour the buildings semi-weekly providing general maintenance and oversight and that during the mowing season that be increased by $500 to include his labor in keeping the lawn mowed. Furthermore, her motion included to amend the prior lease agreement adding that the hospital provide snow removal necessary for the delivery of food and supplies to the loading dock and that there be a monthly lease in the amount of $500 for alleviating the hospital of all maintenance oversight, except that which pertains to the areas directly leased by and used by the hospital staff.

The final lease agreement is to be added to these minutes as “Attachment A” once reviewed and fully executed by both parties. In a spirit of uninterrupted food services to our local hospital the board grants full access to the kitchen area effective January 17, 2022. This motion was seconded by Lana McRobert. A vote was taken. This motion passed unanimously.

Under Old Business the administrator reported on the placement of the nursing home residents. He stated all residents have a place to go and by January 13, 2022 all residents will have been moved. He stated there is much work to be done in the are of taking inventory, cleaning, and destroying old records.

There was discussion about medical supplies and food items. A motion was made by Cindy Justice to distribute perishable food items to employees and offer medical supplies, dry or canned foods and dietary supplies to other nursing homes and the hospital at 50% of cost. Lana McRobert seconded this motion. A vote was taken. The motion carried.

The administrator continued to report on the work that needs to be done beyond the last resident leaving. There will be a fair amount of accounting and reporting. There was discussion about how to handle recordkeeping once the operational records cease. That will be taken up at a later date by the board.

It appears January 14, 2022 will be the last day of employment for most of our staff. The board acknowledged the dedication our staff has shown and expressed their deepest gratitude.

A motion was made by Lana McRobert to give the administrator authority to spend $1000 as he sees fit for a celebration with staff on the last day. Tara Shultz seconded that motion. A vote was taken. The motion passed.

Under Public Comment and Board Concerns, there was no public present. Board Chairman announced the first meeting for the Steering Committee will be held on January 13, 2022 at the Regional Planning Office. There was discussion about the need to provide guidance and direction to this committee and let them go to work.

There being no further items on the agenda, the date for the next board meeting was set for Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 6:00 pm here at the care center.