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One Arrested After Bomb and Death Threats Made at Knox County Courthouse

By Echo Menges

The Edina Police Department made one arrest following online threats to the Knox County Courthouse and two court personnel on Friday morning, August 5, 2021.

Lucas Thery, 35, of Edina was taken into custody after posting a live video of himself allegedly egging the courthouse and threatening to blow up and kill two officers of the court.

Thery was kept in the cell at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office until he could be transported by an Adair County Ambulance Friday afternoon. He is currently in custody at the Boone County Jail without bond, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Following Thery’s arrest, Knox County Prosecutor Andrew Boster filed two Class D felony counts of tampering with a judicial officer.

According to the criminal complaint filed by the prosecutor, Boster told the court, “The defendant is homeless and has a history of failing to appear for court. The defendant is a danger to the community.”

The Probable Cause Statement filed in the case, No. 22KN-CR00045, states the following:

On 08-05-2022 Lucas A. Thery was live on Facebook videoing himself walking to the courthouse in Edina, Missouri. The live-stream showed Thery walking on (the) side of the Knox County Food Cupboard at 106 S. 2nd St. Edina, Missouri, and throwing an egg. Thery continued to walk to the Knox County Courthouse and throw a raw egg at the side of the courthouse. During this video he was screaming that he wanted the Juvenile Officer (name withheld) to be killed. Thery acknowledged that the egg he was throwing was for (name withheld).

Thery has been known in the past to (have) stalked and harassed (name withheld) at the courthouse. Thery also in the past has been known to make Facebook videos threatening to kill her and or wishing someone (to) kill her. The last time Thery was at the courthouse to harass (name withheld) was on 08-04-2022 at 1610 hrs. At that time, I Deputy David Fagin asked him to leave.

During my interview with (name withheld) she reported that on August 4th Thery in a Facebook live video had stated that he was “going to strap on a bomb and go up in the courtroom and kill Judge (name withheld) and (name withheld).”

On 08-05-2022 at approx 0430 hrs (a witness/name withheld) reported while she was at work at the Sunoco gas station in Edina, Missouri Theory told her that he was going to “kill David Fagin and (name withheld)”, and he also told her he “egged (name withheld’s) work”.

(Editor’s Note: The Edina Sentinel does not release the names of victims. Redaction of the names of the court personnel in the story was done by the Editor.)

More information about this case will be released when it becomes available.