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Twenty-Six Percent Turnout in Tuesday Primary

By Mike Scott, NEMOnews Media Group

One thousand three hundred and twelve of Clark County’s 4895 registered voters cast their ballots in last Tuesday’s Primary Election, for a turnout of just 26.80 percent.

Locally, the Republican race for Presiding Commissioner received the most attention. Steve Krueger won the Republican nomination for the office, and will face Democrat Paul Brotherton, who was unopposed in the Primary, in the November 8 General Election.

Krueger received 393 votes, while Karl Hamner earned 378 votes. Incumbent Presiding Commissioner Buddy Kattlemann picked up 319 votes. On the Democrat ticket, Brotherton received 147 votes.

In the County Clerk’s race, Republican incumbent Kelly Waples got 698 votes, topping challenger Amanda Denning’s vote total of 370.

In the First Judicial Circuit Judge race, which includes Clark, Scotland and Schuyler Counties, Rick Roberts defeated challenger Kevin Brown 1436- 914. In Clark County, Roberts won 832-230.

All of the other local partisan races were uncontested, and all were on the Republican ticket. Holly Conger-Koenig received 788 votes for Associate Circuit Judge, Kimberly Schantz-Smith picked up 908 votes for Circuit Clerk, Melissa Bevans got 934 votes for Recorder, Roberta McAfee received 918 votes for Treasurer, and Michelle Allen got 947 votes for Collector. All will advance to the November election without challengers.

At the state level, Republican Cindy O’Laughlin received 826 votes in Clark County, and 19,707 overall for 18th District State Senator. She will face Democrat Ayanna Shivers, who received 144 local votes and 3848 votes overall.

In the Fourth District State Representative Race, Republican Greg Sharpe got 833 Clark County votes, and 4851 votes overall. He will be unchallenged in November.

For State Auditor, Democrat Alan Green received 125 Clark County votes, and 321,423 statewide. Republican Scott Fitzpatrick received 513 local votes, while challenger David Gregory got 352 votes locally. Fitzpatrick won the statewide ballot 378,275 to 206,452. Libertarian candidate John Hartwig, Jr., received one local vote, and 2958 statewide.

The Sixth Congressional District race had local interest, as Democrat Charles West from St. Patrick was among three contenders on the ballot. Locally, West received 138 votes, while Henry Martin got 23 and Michael Howard got 10 votes. Across the district, West received 9751 votes, falling in second place to Martin with 13,481 votes. On the Republican ticket, Sam Graves dominated the local vote with 825 votes. Brandon Kleinmeyer got 70, Dakota Shultz received 55, John Dady got 14 and Christopher Ryan got 63 votes. Across the Sixth District, Graves got over 76 percent of the vote, with 72,952 votes. Libertarian Edward Maidment got one local vote, and 348 in the district.

The United States Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Roy Blunt attracted lots of candidates on both major tickets. In Clark County, Eric Schmitt and Eric Greitens were the top two vote-getters among more than 20 candidates. Schmitt topped Greitens 376-326 locally, and earned the Republican nomination statewide, getting 298852 votes, or more than 45 percent of all votes cast. On the Democrat ticket, Spencer Toder and Lucas Kunce tied with 31 votes each in Clark County. Statewide, the Democrat nominee will be Trudy Busch Valentine, who got 158,583 votes. Libertarian candidate Jonathan Dine got one local vote, and 2952 statewide. Constitution Party candidate Paul Venable got three local votes, and 712 votes overall.

Voters in the Clark County Public Water Supply District service area approved borrowing up to 15 million dollars for system improvements by a 533- 261 margin.