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Hospital Answers Questions

Following the rapid-fire announcements of the closing of the Memphis Community Pharmacy at the Scotland County Hospital, and the release of former CEO Randy Tobler and CFO Michael Brandon, and the appointment of a new CEO and COO at Scotland County Hospital, NEMOnews Media Group editor Echo Menges submitted the following question to the new CEO at Scotland County Hospital, Dr. Meagan Weber, on August 18. After initially declining to answer questions, Menges received these answers on Friday, August 27.

Pharmacy Related Questions

Why did the Memphis Community Pharmacy close?

The pharmacy closed, as it was not currently serving the mission of our Hospital.

Do you know of any criminal investigations being conducted by local, state or federal agencies in relation to the pharmacy?


How many employees work/worked at the pharmacy?

2 full time

What is the status of their employment because of the closure? (layoffs/moved to other SCH positions/something else)

Our pharmacy staff employment is still being assessed.

What is the Scotland County Hospital Board of Directors’ connection to the pharmacy? Do they handle all of the pharmacy oversight? If not, who oversees the management of pharmacy?

Two of our Board of Directors are currently on the board of the Pharmacy.

What was/is Dr. Randy Tobler’s role at the pharmacy?

Dr. Randy Tobler is the President of the Scotland County Community Health Development Services d/b/a Memphis Community Pharmacy.

What was/is Michael Brandon’s role at the pharmacy?

Michael Brandon was the 340B Drug Program administrator.

Administration Change Questions

Why did the SCH BOD release CEO Dr. Randy Tobler from his administrative role at SCH?

The board did not renew Dr. Randy Tobler’s contract.

Why did the SCH BOD release CFO Michael Brandon from his administrative roles at SCH?

No answer provided.

When were they released? And, what was the process of their dismissal?

Tues Aug 16, 2022

Why did law enforcement escort them off of the property after the dismissals?

No answer provided.

Are you or the SCH BOD aware of any criminal investigations into any staff at the SCH/pharmacy/clinics?


Is Dr. Tobler still on staff as a SCH doctor?

Dr. Randy Tobler is still on medical staff at SCH.

Is Dr. Tobler serving any other roles at the SCH/pharmacy/clinics?

Not at this time.

How many patients does/did Dr. Tobler see at the SCH and SCH Clinics?

Not sure.

If Dr. Tobler is no longer on staff, what is the plan for his current patients?

His current patients have been transferred to the care of our other OB staff.

Is/was Michael Brandon serving any other roles at the SCH/pharmacy/ clinics? If so, what roles? And, are there roles he is still active in?

Michael Brandon was CFO at SCH, and treasurer of the SCH Foundation.

What are the duties of the SCH CEO?

(from bylaws) The CEO duties include submission to the board, for approval, a plan of organization of personnel concerned with the operation of the hospital. To prepare an annual budget showing the expected receipts and expenditures, as require, for presentation to the same Board. To assume responsibility for recruitment, selection, employment, supervision and discharge of employees as deemed necessary.

What are the duties of the SCH CFO?

(from Job Description) The Chief Financial Officer/ Controller leads organizational operations and provides oversight for the Financial Services Department. Under the general direction of the CEO, this position works in partnership with the SCH executive team and collaborates with the SCH board of Directors to identify, create and implement strategic plans that require this position to develop and implement organizational goals that are aligned with the strategic pillars of the overall strategic plan.

Individuals in this role are responsible for broad thinking; guiding the actions and decision-making processes for the organization as a whole; initiating and leading change; encouraging and promoting flexibility; anticipating change; driving organizational learning; seeing the bigger picture; scanning and monitoring the organizational environment; envisioning system perspectives and focusing on the future of the organization.

This position requires full understanding and active participation in fulfilling the Mission of Scotland County Hospital. SCH values and all STRETCH commitments must be consistently demonstrated. Adherence to Code of Conduct and other applicable policies is required.

Are any more administrators or staff members being let go by the SCH BOD?

The Chief of Quality leadership position has been released of her duties.

How, when and by who were you notified about your new role as CEO?

What was the process of that?

I was asked if I wanted the responsibility of interim CEO, during this time, and I agreed to take on the task.

Who oversees the CEO and CFO SCH administrators?

CEO= Board of Directors, CFO= CEO

Financial Questions

Are you or the SCH BOD aware of any financial discrepancies in relation to the SCH/pharmacy/clinics? If so, what are they?

We have concerns that we are investigating internally.

Is there any money missing or unaccounted for in SCH/pharmacy/clinics accounts? If so, how much and from which accounts?

We do not have this information.

When was the most recent audit conducted of the SCH/pharmacy/clinics? What were the findings of the audit? (Will you send us a copy of it?)

SCH is in the process of fiscal year audit 2021-2022. We have no records for audits for the pharmacy at this time.

Is anyone currently auditing the SCH/pharmacy/clinics? If so, who?

And, when did the audit begin?

We currently have two audit companies working with SCH/rural health clinics for our annual audit and compliance. We have no current audit for pharmacy.