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Veterans Memorial Base Replaced at Gorin Cemetery

The Gorin community has rallied together to replace the base of the Veteran’s Memorial at the Gorin Cemetery.

According to Elaine Forrester, President of the Gorin High School Alumni Committee, the Veteran’s Memorial base was originally set in May of 1991 during the bicentennial.

Over the years, the old base consisting of bricks has deteriorated and started to fall apart. In September, the Gorin High School Alumni decided to ask for donations to replace the base of the veteran’s memorial.

“The Gorin people were made aware of the need and in three weeks, all of the money was raised, and Sam Redding got it done,” Elaine said.

According to Elaine, the old base was removed and Sam Redding, who owns the Clark County Memorial Shop in Kahoka, Missouri, placed the new cement base under the Veteran’s Memorial plaque the weekend of October 15th.

The memorial honors those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

If you would like to send donations for the upkeep of the Gorin Cemetery, you can send them to Gorin Cemetery Associations. Donations may be mailed to Dorothy Kussman at 26831 Main St., Gorin, MO 63543. The Gorin Cemetery is located north of the Gorin city limits on Highway A.