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Check for Internet Availability at Any Address

 NEMR Partners with First Fiber Internet Search Service for Real Estate 

Local Homebuyers Now Able to Check Home Addresses for Fiber High-Speed Internet Connectivity 

Submitted by Robert Gilbert, Fiber Homes Media Contact 

Green City, MO – Local fiber internet provider NEMR has partnered with Fiber Homes, the nation’s first fiber internet search service, to give people looking to buy or rent a home in their service areas a convenient way to determine the quality of internet available at any given address. 

Area homes connected by NEMR 

NEMR has certified over 13,000 fiber serviceable addresses with Fiber Homes locally. They join over 150 other fiber providers from around the country in Fiber Homes’ database of over 2 million certified fiber addresses. The database is updated in real time, ensuring that when new homes are connected to a fiber network, consumers consulting are the first to know. 

“We are always looking for ways to invest in the communities we serve,” said Michele Gillespie, NEMR’s General Manager. “Partnering with Fiber Homes provides the tools local realtors need to assist both buyers and sellers.” 

“Reliable broadband internet is no longer optional for homebuyers; it’s become a basic requirement for anyone wanting to fully participate in the modern economy. Our goal with Fiber Homes is to make sure that anyone looking to buy or rent a home has access to this crucial information,” said Robert Gilbert, CEO of Fiber Homes. 

In today’s world, people are working from home, getting work assignments, medical care, taking college courses and of course getting entertainment through HD online streaming services. As a result, fiber broadband internet services that provide for these capabilities have become as critical to consumers as connections to gas, electricity, and water supplies. 

According to a 2019 FCC study, it is expected that at least until 2025, 50 percent of all American households will still be without fiber access, leaving them to have to manage with cable connectivity or – even worse – DSL for their internet needs. 

A boon for real estate agents 

Fiber Homes offers real estate agents through Fiber Homes Pro services that deliver a competitive edge. If they are a listing agent, they get access to materials for marketing the home as a connected “fiber home,” and if they are a buyer’s agent, they get access to products and pricing from the provider for that house, as well as exclusive new mover promos they can pass to their clients. 

Additionally, Fiber Homes is actively working with MLSs around the country to add this crucial information to the property listings. 

Currently, nearly 2 million addresses in a total of 22 states are in the database – thousands of new addresses are being added each day. Over 100 providers around the country are currently contributing to the database and more will follow soon. 

About Fiber Homes 

Fiber Homes, the nation’s first fiber internet search service for rural and suburban home buyers and realtors, provides home buyers and realtors the ability to check any home address for fiber high-speed internet connectivity. To make sure your next house is a fiber home, please visit