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Blue Room Rebuild Begins

 By Echo Menges 

Blue Room owner Chris Moubry told The Edina Sentinel the last few months have been “overwhelming”. 

The business was destroyed by fire on December 8, 2022, which has served as a local favorite for generations. 

The community rallied to support Blue Room staff left without a job following the fire, just week’s before the Christmas holiday. Since then, Moubry has been working to bring the establishment back. Those efforts became a reality last week with the outer walls being erected by a crew from Hilltop Metals. 

Locals who heard the building was under reconstruction spent the week driving by and looking at the progress, which has been fast. 

Since the framing of the outer walls, a roof has been added along with the beginnings of the outside walls. 

Moubry plans to keep the layout of the new building the same with a few minor changes. 

Windows have been added to the north and west walls in the restaurant area, and Moubry plans to keep a more open layout in the bar. 

The bar will be reoriented so bartenders can see inside the back game and pool room. Also, the back banquet room will not be added to the new floor plan making the dining room larger. 

The bar area will be separated by the kitchen, and the kitchen layout will be much like the past. 

The bathrooms will be located in the same place. 

A short video of Moubry showing off the plan for the new building is available on our Facebook page.