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Karhoff Retires After Over 40 Years as Knox County Collector

 By Echo Menges 

Edina, MO – Lifelong Knox County resident Brent Karhoff officially retired from his office as Knox County Collector on Friday, March 3, 2023. 

Brent Karhoff began his service on January 10, 1983, after being appointed to the position by the Governor. Karhoff succeeded Gerald Foreman. 

“The position was coming available, and I was approached by some of the Republican Committee people to apply for it,” said Brent Karhoff. “Initially, it was an appointment. The Governor made the appointment. The county committee voted to recommend me for the position. Christopher Kit Bond was the Governor at the time.” 

Karhoff succeeded Gerald Foreman. 

“Gerald accepted the position as the Knox County Nursing Home Administrator,” said Karhoff about the reason Foreman vacated the office. 

Karhoff was voted into office by Knox County voters in a 1984 election, which he won against challenger Frank Kreuger. His first elected term began in 1985, and he has since run for the office unopposed nine times for a total of ten elections. 

After so many years of being the Collector, Karhoff said his favorite part of the job is “meeting the people” with his least favorite part being “when the books don’t balance, and tax sales”. 

“I will miss the everyday things of working with the people in the courthouse, and the people coming in to pay their taxes,” said Karhoff. 

Over the years, Karhoff has had six Deputy Collectors including Carol Gibbons, Kim Penn, Tracy Lingenfelter, Linda Woods, Shirley Shouse, Barb Gibbons, and Linda Woods for a second time. 

Woods has been elected to fill the seat going forward. She ran unopposed in 2022. 

“It won’t be the same without him,” said Woods who has worked alongside Karhoff for a total of 15 years. “No one knows what the courthouse is like without him here.” 

“I have plenty to do with keeping some properties up, the Historical Society, and travel,” said Karhoff. “I want to thank the people of Knox County for putting their faith and trust in me as the Collector of Revenue. Linds Woods will be quite capable of carrying on. We’re here to serve.” 

The elected officials and staff of the Knox County Courthouse hosted a retirement reception in Karhoff’s honor during his last week in office. 

Visitors were welcomed with cake, punch, and other refreshments, and a display table was set up commemorating his time in public office. 

Karhoff spent the occasion visiting with courthouse staff, friends, family, and members of the public, and posing for photos.