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Resurfacing Project To Resume In Linn Putnam and Sullivan Counties

 ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – A resurfacing project on several routes in Linn, Putnam and Sullivan counties is scheduled to begin soon. The Missouri Department of Transportation has contracted with Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. to complete the project. 

Putnam County Route N from the Iowa state line to U.S. Route 136 in Livonia, Oct. 24 – Nov. 7 

Putnam County Route FF from U.S. Route 136 to Route W, Oct. 24 – Nov. 3 

Putnam County Route F from Route 5 to Route 129, Nov. 8 – 18 

Sullivan County Route M from Route 5 to Route 129, Nov. 4 – 18 

Putnam/Sullivan County Route KK from Route K in Putnam County to Route EE in Sullivan County, Nov. 19 – Dec. 6 

Putnam County Route EE from U.S. Route 136 to Route K, Nov. 19 – 30 

The schedule for the following routes has not yet been determined. All routes are scheduled to be complete by the end of June 2023. 

Linn County Route CC from Route O/V at the Sullivan County line to Route C 

Linn County Route O from Route 5 in Browning to Route CC/V at the Sullivan County line 

Linn County Route V from Route M to the end of state maintenance, except where Route V coincides with Route C 

Putnam/Sullivan County Route BB from Route EE in Putnam County to Route K in Sullivan County 

Sullivan County Route U from Route C to Route O at the Linn County line 

Sullivan County Route V from Route C to Route O/ CC at the Linn County line 

This project is part of Gov. Parson’s Rural Roads program. The state’s approved Fiscal Year 2023 budget provided an additional $100 million in General Revenue for work on Missouri’s low volume rural roads. Using asset management data, MoDOT has identified approximately 1700 lane miles of low volume roads ranked in Poor Condition. By next summer, these 113 locations will receive resurfacing treatments of hot mix asphalt to improve the road conditions. 

To view all routes included in this bundle, please visit: www.modot. org/low-volume-route-resurfacing-linn-putnam-and-sullivan-counties