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Milan High School FLEX Program Seeking Local Employers

 By Brooke Dodson, Milan High School Principal 

I am writing to you with excitement for the future partnership between Milan High School and the members of our community that continually support our students. I am a firm believer in the Chamber’s message of supporting local businesses and would love to do that by providing workers throughout the school day while also giving our Juniors and Seniors valuable work experience. 

The new program we are working to implement is a Flex program that allows eligible Junior and Senior students to work for up to three periods of the school day. Students would earn 0.5 elective credits for each period of Work- Study for the given semester. Students participating in the Flex program would be required to be at work during the assigned times on their schedule on all school days (typically Tuesday- Friday). Students and employers would have the option to extend their hours to after school, Mondays, and weekends but their grade would be dependent on them working during their scheduled school periods following the 2023-2024 academic calendar. 

There will be some additional requirements necessary for students to qualify for the Flex program and we will have a handbook outlining all rules and guidelines. Employers will be responsible for signing off on weekly timesheets and completing an evaluation of the students’ performance twice per quarter, both of these items will be the responsibility of the students to provide to the employer and submit to the school. Students will only be eligible to start the program at the start of each semester (August and January). 

If businesses are interested/willing we have also discussed having an interview day in the Milan C-2 Commons. We understand we may have more students than there are jobs or more jobs that there are students, but we are very excited about working with you to provide this opportunity to our students and community. 

If your business would be interested in providing work opportunities for eligible Milan High School Juniors and Seniors, please contact via email at bdodson@, call my office at 660-265- 1412, or add your information to the list using the following link: Mc2Flex. If you need more information to consider becoming part of this program, please feel free to contact me with that information as well. We request interest to be part of the program to be submitted by Friday, April 14th as we will begin working on student schedules very soon.