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Blunt Reservoir Projects Slated to be Bid Out or Begin Construction in 2023

 Submitted by Ellen Hodge, Office Manager, North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission 

MILAN, MO: There are a multitude of separate projects to complete the Roy Blunt Reservoir, many of those may or will be starting construction in the fall of 2023 or as soon as the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission receives a 404 Mitigation Permit. These projects are in addition to the ongoing preconstruction work currently underway. Many of these projects are designed, and or nearing completion of design and approval processes. Essentially, construction work should start this fall and proceed for 3-4 years with varying intensity and run concurrently with the proposed dam and spillway. This activity will mostly be within the Roy Blunt Reservoir watershed and include a varying amount and types of infrastructure construction. The current published dates are projections only and contingent upon a number of factors, foremost among them the 404 mitigation permit and final plan approvals by regulatory agencies. 

This outline was utilized for a recent multi-agency/Project Team meeting. It contains our intentions for type of contract, some construction commencement and timelines as well as identified or prospective sources of funds (funding mix). 

Clay Liner on East Ridge- Engineer is AC 

Contracting- IDIQ completion winter 2023. Soil digs ASAP and field confirmations of unknown depths and conditions. Final proposals from IDIQ next 60 days. USDA NRCS/RD/ MPWRF 

Construction- Waiting on 404 permit for NTP 

Timeline- start when 404 permit is issued, but prep work summer of 2023 and winter of 2024 completion. 

Dam, Trench and Spillway- Engineer is OA 

Contracting- Design-Bid -Build. Design done summer of 2023. Bid fall of 2023. USDA NRCS / RD 

Construction- Following 404 permit. 

Timeline- NTP spring 2024- complete 2027

Recreational Components – Engineer is AC 

Recreational components are under preliminary design and will be discussed in a future meeting. USDA NRCS/ MDNR/ MDC 

Components may include Marina road paving, marina, public access utilities, disabled sportsman and patron access, as well as walking trails, trailhead, and unimproved trails and other recreational amenities 

Relocation of Boynton Historic Structure to Marina Site 

Final proposal is being developed to submit to NRCS. MDNR and other agencies may participate in the funding of different parts of the project to meet local agreements, historic preservation, cultural asset interpretation and curation. 

Raw Water Intake- Engineer is AC 

Contracting- Design Bid Build – NTP spring of 2024- USDA NRCS / RD 

Construction- Following 404 permit. 

Timeline- NTP spring 2024 

Raw Water Line – Engineer is AC 

Contracting- Design Bid Build- Fall / winter 2023 for bidding -USDA NRCS/ RD 

Construction- following 404 permit. 

Timeline NTP spring 2024 

Water Treatment Plant Phase 1A, and 1B- Engineer is AC 

Contracting – Design Bid Build-Late summer 2023 

Construction – Fall 2023 

Utility Relocation from Roy Blunt Reservoir Impacts 

Contracting- Design Bid Build- Fall/ winter 2024 for bidding -USDA NRCS/ MDNR /USDA RD 

Water lines are Sullivan County Public Water Supply and designer is Benton and Associates 

Electric lines are North Central Missouri Electric Cooperative and designer is Toth and Associates 

Fiber optic lines are NEMR to design 

Note: bridge crossings are a special provision 

Construction- Following 404 permit and completion of all corridor earthworks. 

Timeline NTP spring 2025, Complete spring of 2026 before filling of dam starts 

Pollock Sewer #1 Pollock to Marina– Engineer is AC 

Contracting- Design Bid Build -EPA is administering Ear mark, Bid spring of 2024, 

Construction- completed fall of 2025 

Timeline- NOA NTP spring summer 2024/complete late 2025 , early 2026 

Pollock Sewer #2 Marina to Milan– Engineer is AC 

Contracting- Design Bid build-MDNR MPWRF 

Construction- Complete fall of 2025 

Timeline- Same as 8. 

Source Water Protection and Stormwater Mitigation (Road/ Project) Projects – Engineer is AC 

Contracting- IDIQ and/or Design Bid Build 

Construction Award in 2023/2024 

Timeline- ongoing 

Bat Mitigation Easement – Engineer is AC 

Contracting- Local IDIQ or Design Bid Build 

Construction- 404 will allow NTP fall of 2023 

Timeline – Completion ongoing 

319 Rip Rap Placement- Engineer is AC 

Contracting- IDIQ or Design Bid Build 

Construction – 404 permit will allow NTP, 

Timeline- Fall of 2023 to complete on site items by 2026. 

Remaining Clearing and Grubbing, Stump Removal – Engineer is AC 

Contracting- awarded to IDIQ, NRCS/ MDNR funding 

Construction- 404 permit will allow NTP 

Timeline- Completed by January 2024 

BUILD Project(s) – Lead Engineer is OA (MoDOT) and AC (local) 

Contracting- Local is IDIQ awarded and underway MoDOT portion is awarded and due to start this fall on intersections to get them safe for NTP on dam, Bridges to start 2023/2024 to be completed 2025. Paving to occur in 2025 late or 2026. 

Construction- fully underway locally and awarded by MoDOT 

Timeline- Four bridges construction fall of 2023 completed target is summer of 2024 for final paving 

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge Mitigation- Engineer is AC 

Contracting- IDIQ – NEW RFQ/RFP summer of 2023. USDA NRCS/RD/ MPWRF 

Construction- Late fall of 2023 

Timeline- 404 permit will allow NTP. Start fall of 2023 completed fall of 2028.