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Activities Director to Retire at Clark County Nursing Home

 By Emily Bontrager 

For many years, Delma Smith has dedicated herself to the residents at the Clark County Nursing Home in Kahoka, Missouri. 

Delma, 65, has worked at the Clark County Nursing Home since June of 1986. On May 31, she will be retiring from the nursing home. 

Delma grew up around Kahoka and has lived here most of her life. After graduating from Clark County R-1, Delma attended cosmetology school and worked in a salon until the birth of her daughter Tabitha. Later on, she worked for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for Verlin Waide for six years. 

“Somewhere along that time I was deputized to help with women prisoners. Mostly I worked in the office dispatching,” Delma said. 

After leaving the sheriff’s office, Delma worked at the Clark County Senior Center for a little bit until someone told her that she should apply at the nursing home. 

“I talked to Anne Conrad and she is the one who hired me,” Delma said. 

Delma’s first job was as a CNA. She then took the Certified Medical Technician class. 

In 1990, a position opened up for an Activities Assistant at the nursing home, so Delma applied and she was hired. At the time, Opal Nixon was the Activities Director. In July of 1995, after Opal transferred to Social Services, Delma became the new Activities Director. 

As the Activities Director, Delma’s job was to plan out the monthly activities for the residents at the nursing home. She would plan multiple activities during the day and find volunteers to come in and entertain the residents. When Delma retires, Tonya Irvin will take over the job. 

Delma is excited to retire, but she will truly miss all of the residents and her coworkers she worked with over the years. After retiring, she hopes to travel and work on projects that she has been putting off to the side. She also plans to spend more time with her family. 

Delma would like to thank the volunteers and all of those who helped with activities over the years. She has a lot of fond memories of her time at the nursing home and will cherish the residents and family members she has.