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Memphis Men To Be Showcased At Schuyler County Historical Society

 Submitted by Deborah Small 

A few local men are going to be featured at the William Hall Museum for the Walking Thru History tour fund raising event. These men have direct ties/relation to Schuyler County & Scotland County. 

Robert Trueblood was one of the gentlemen who restored one of the W.P. Hall’s circus wagons that was auctioned off in the 1930’s. He and his daughter Janet Baldwin will be there with pictures of that process and he’ll be able to visit with anyone that has an interest or questions. It would be a shame for you to miss out on this history lesson. 

H and Donnie Middleton will be represented by Andy. Both those men were so instrumental in helping out their communities. Whether it was donating time, money, whatever…they never hesitated. H was a proud member of the Rotary, and we have his memorabilia about it from all over the world. With Donnie’s radio career, sports announcing , being mayor, and VFW events, people surely wonder how he had time for all of that. 

Also being highlighted is the extensive Indian artifact collection belonging to the Bob Stice family. His relatives would love for everyone to be able to come and have the benefit of viewing and studying these. So Cool !! 

The day will also focus attention on Sonny Smyser. He used to be a very active race car driver. I’ve heard he has a car or two placed in the Knoxville, IA Sprint Car Museum. He’s currently a very active preacher man. And that can be a whole other story in itself. He can tell you all about it and show off his trophies when you visit us in Lancaster, on August 27, from 1-4 PM. 

You can relax under our shade trees and listen to music being performed by the Moots family. We’ll have cookies and lemonade for you too!