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Queen City Designated Smart Rural Community

 Queen City has received the distinction of being named a Smart Rural Community. The city is now connected to the internet by fiber broadband, bringing gig-speed uploads and downloads to homes and businesses. 

The Smart Rural Community was created by the NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association. Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company (NEMR) is among 850 member telecommunication companies. 

Access to fiber broadband in rural communities can benefit those communities in many ways. Fiber internet is important for economic development, as new and growing businesses need it to reach their markets. Telehealth visits with medical professionals are possible without leaving your home. During the pandemic, many people moved back to rural communities and now work remotely. Farmers use broadband to aid in precision agriculture. All these things are possible because of high-speed internet availability. 

On Wednesday, August 16, NEMR employees joined the staff of city hall to celebrate the designation.