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Steele Receives Entrepreneurship Spotlight Award

 Adair County SB40 

Adair County SB40 is pleased to announce that Greg Steele of Gorin, Missouri has been selected as the July 2023 Spotlight Award recipient for his Entrepreneurship. Greg started his own successful business, Steele Skull Mounts, several years ago where he offers skull cleaning and mounting services. Greg has eagerly sought any opportunity to improve his skills in taxidermy and is currently working with award-winning Scott Brassfield of Brassfield Taxidermy in Memphis as an intern. Greg is learning to do shoulder mounts and mount deer. He hopes to bring those skills to his own business, as well as be hired on as an employee when hunting season starts. Scott Brassfield said “We welcomed Greg into our business. He is part of the pro-staff team that we have here at Brassfield Taxidermy and he does good work. We will support him as far as he can go in this business.” 

Greg was nominated for the Spotlight Award by his Adair County SB40 Service Coordinator, Tom DeBlauw. Tom has worked with Greg for several years. Tom says “I’ve seen Greg work so very hard at improving his skills over the years, including on how to manage his finances. His efforts have paid off for him. He recently was able to buy his own house. Greg always has goals and he keeps those goals in focus.” Tom will be presenting Greg with his July Spotlight certificate this month. When learning of this award, Greg said “I worked with Vocational Rehabilitation six years ago and accomplished that. Now I’m working at the workshop in Kahoka and also doing seasonal work at my business cleaning deer skulls. I hope to be able to learn to mount deer from Scott so that I can work from home more. I like working from home.” 

The Adair County SB40 Board enjoyed a presentation from Greg when he first began operating Steele Skill Mounts. The Board has been very impressed with Greg’s perseverance in keeping his business growing, even while branching out to work with Brassfield Taxidermy. “Greg has shown a lot of initiative in learning taxidermy. He’s a hard worker and dedicated to building his own business,” said Crystal Aminirad, SB40 Executive Director, “He is very proud of his work, and rightfully so!” Both Greg and representatives of Brassfield Taxidermy plan to attend the annual Spotlight Awards ceremony in March 2024, where Greg will be eligible for the 2023 Spotlight of the Year Award. Scott said “Just let me know when and Brassfield Taxidermy will be there for Greg!” 

If you would like to nominate a great candidate for a monthly Spotlight Award, Adair County SB40 is accepting nominations. Anyone can make a nomination. Nominations can be made in any of the four following categories: 

•Kids Inclusion Spotlight Award for children in kindergarten – 8th grade 

•Youth Leadership Spotlight Award for youth in grades 9-12 

•Community Volunteer Spotlight Award (any age) 

•Entrepreneur or Employee Spotlight Award (any age) 

In March 2024, a Spotlight Award of the Year winners will be selected from all of the monthly winners. Nominations can be made throughout the year by visiting the Adair County SB40 website or by contacting a SB40 staff member to assist you at (660) 665 – 9400. You can also find more information about the four nomination categories by visiting Adair County SB40’s website, https://www.