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4-H SPIN Club Builds Robotic Arms

 Junk Drawer Robotics Wrap Up 

By Hillary Robedeaux 

In November 2023 Sullivan County 4-H kicked off their first ever Junk Drawer Robotics SPIN Club lead by volunteer Michelle Dickson and MU Extension YPA, Hillary Robedeaux. 

For those of you not familiar, a SPIN club is a short-term special interest club. The focus of this SPIN club was building a robotic arm using materials that could be found in a junk drawer (we all have one of those). 

Four schools in our county hosted a combined total of 15 4-H members who successfully built 9 robot arms. Our members learned how to use a ruler, box knife, glue gun, drill, syringes, plastic tubing, colored water, wooden skewers, wire and a coke can in order to construct an arm to exact specifications. 

They had to use and understand basic hydraulics to power the arm to pick up and move the Coke can. Most of our clubs wrapped up their last meeting right before Christmas break.