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Manager Retiring from Kahoka Housing Corp

 By Emily Bontrager 

Cliff Sheffler, 70, has been the manager at the Kahoka Senior Corporation since 1998. Cliff’s last day as the manager will be January 31, 2024. 

Cliff grew up in Warsaw, Illinois and moved to Clark County, Missouri when he was six years old with his mother. He has lived in the area ever since and graduated from Clark County High School in 1971. 

After high school, Cliff worked as a part time EMT for several years. He then worked at Henniges in Keokuk, Iowa and for the Matlick Lumber Company in Kahoka. When Cliff worked for Matlick Lumber Company, he helped build the latest eight apartments for the Kahoka Senior Housing. 

After working for the lumber company, Cliff decided to work odd jobs and he was offered a position doing maintenance at the Kahoka Housing apartments. 

In 1998, Cliff became the manager at the apartments. He also worked as the Eastgate Apartments manager for five years in Kahoka. 

The Kahoka Housing Corp. provides the area with 36 low rent-based apartments. 

During his years working as the manager, Cliff has seen many improvements take place. 

“Some of the things we have accomplished were new cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, new walk-in showers, and a new office on site. We planted several trees, replaced sidewalks, refinished the north parking lot, and added more space for the community room and storage,” Cliff said. 

Cliff’s wife, Bonnie, was the bookkeeper for Kahoka Housing for many years. The two have three children, Tosha, Shawna, and Christina. 

According to Cliff, Nancy and Jim Bash will now be managing the Kahoka Senior Housing. 

Cliff has enjoyed being the manager at Kahoka Housing and he is ready to spend time with his family. 

“I’m 70 years old and I miss my kids, and we want to travel some,” Cliff said. 

Cliff and his wife plan to travel to Texas this summer. They will also be headed to Kansas soon. 

“I will miss the people and meeting new people,” Cliff said. 

“It has been very good for me. I am very thankful for the board of directors we had, because that is what makes or breaks a complex.”