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Debbie and Lee Suter Retire from Clark Mutual

 By Emily Bontrager 

The Clark Mutual Insurance Company held their annual meeting on Monday, January 29, 2024. 

Lee Suter and his wife, Debbie Suter, are both retiring after many years of dedicated service to the Clark County community. 

Lee, 67, is retiring after serving 29 years on the Clark Mutual Board. He served 15 of those years as the president of the board. 

“My dad was on here before me and my grandfather was on here before me. Amongst the three of us, we served 79 years on this board,” Lee said. 

Lee’s father was Aubrey Suter, and his grandfather was Elmer Suter. 

“What I have enjoyed the most is the people I have served on the board with, many of which are gone now. Many of which, I would have never met if it hadn’t been from serving on the board,” Lee said. 

His wife Debbie, 65, has worked for 20 years for Clark Mutual Insurance Company. 

Debbie was the office secretary and started working for Clark Mutual on February 1, 2004. 

Debbie’s last day as the office secretary was January 31, 2024 and she is going to miss working with the public. 

“I’ll miss the people. I’ve worked for the public for several years,” Debbie said. 

“We appreciated working with the Huffmans and with Amanda Ross as well, and we wish them well,” Lee added. 

Debbie and Lee plan to work around home after their retirement and to spend time with family. 

“Our daughter lives in Kansas City and we will just go down there,” Debbie said. 

“We like day trips and we always take a trip during the year, so we will probably continue with that,” Lee added.