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Card Skimmer Discovered in Local Gas Pump Credit Card Machine

 By Echo Menges 

A device used to steal credit and debit card information was found in a gas pump at the Casey’s General Store in Memphis on Friday morning, March 15, 2024. 

The device, which is commonly called a “card skimmer”, was found by a maintenance crew after it was determined the gas pump had been tampered with. 

“The one here, we believe, was installed the night of March 13 after Casey’s had closed,” Memphis Police Captain Bill Holland told the Memphis Democrat. “One of the cameras caught movement in the parking lot after hours.” 

The gas pump that housed the card skimmer may have only been operational for a few hours before a customer noticed it had been tampered with, and reported it to Casey’s staff. 

“Our pump was discovered the morning of (March) 14 at approximately 10:00. That pump was shut down. They didn’t know it had been tampered with. They just knew something was going on with it and they shut down the pump,” said Holland. 

The following day, the maintenance crew found the skimmer and turned it over to law enforcement. 

“We were fortunate that they knew something was wrong and shut it down after only a few hours. The pump was shut down for a full day prior to the skimmer being found,” said Holland. “It has connections on it and a Bluetooth box. I reached out to the Cyber Crimes Unit in Kirksville, and they were able to determine it was Bluetooth compatible.” 

Holland acted fast to assure the community was quickly notified about the card skimmer. 

“We put it out immediately through (Memphis radio station) KMEM. I called them before I even left Casey’s parking lot,” said Holland. 

As of Tuesday morning, Holland has not gotten any reports from Casey’s gas customers whose credit or debit cards were compromised. He credits the fast response of the community and KMEM for alerting the public, which led to some people calling their credit card companies and canceling their cards before being affected. 

“We got lucky,” said Holland. 

Another card skimmer was recently discovered in neighboring Schuyler County as well.