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Congressman Hulshof Hires Matt Blunt’s Political Team to Help Him Run on Matt Blunt’s Agenda

 Congressman Hulshof Hires Matt Blunt’s Political Team to Help Him Run on Matt Blunt’s Agenda

JEFFERSON CITY, MO — Today, to the surprise of nobody, news broke that Congressman Kenny Hulshof has hired John Hancock, Gov. Matt Blunt’s chief strategist, to run his campaign for Governor. Congressman Hulshof is, after all, running for Governor on Blunt’s agenda.

“Congressman Hulshof is running for Governor on Matt Blunt’s agenda, so it’s not surprising that he would hire Blunt’s team to run his campaign,” said Jack Cardetti, Missouri Democratic Party spokesman. “From embracing Blunt’s health care cuts to praising Blunt’s handling of the economy, Congressman Hulshof has offered unwavering support for the Blunt agenda. If Congressman Hulshof thinks Missourians want more of Matt Blunt’s failed policies, then he truly has been in Washington for too long.”

In his campaign for Governor, Congressman Hulshof consistently goes out of his way to praise the Governor’s accomplishments.

Hulshof Supports Blunt’s Health Care Cuts: Hulshof not only supports Matt Blunt’s devastating health care cuts, which left more than 750,000 Missourians without health care and caused premiums to skyrocket for those who still have coverage, but he also went so far as to call the cuts a “forward thinking” idea. [Associated Press, 2/17/08, Cook Political Report, 3/4/08]

Hulshof Supports Blunt’s $350 Million MOHELA Raid: Hulshof has stood by Blunt’s decision to raid $350 million from the Missouri Higher Education Loan Agency — the agency responsible for providing low-interest loans to Missourians. MOHELA is currently going broke and fewer Missouri families are able to afford college.

Hulshof Supports Blunt’s School Voucher Scheme: Watch here, as Hulshof adopts Blunt’s language on school vouchers and endorse his scheme – which was killed last session by a bipartisan coalition of legislators:

Hulshof Offers Consistent Praise to Blunt: Watch Hulshof offer no solutions for Missouri’s future, but plenty of praise for Gov. Matt Blunt: