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Reader Encourages Others To Speak Out

Letter to The Editor:

Not so many weeks ago I wrote a letter to this
editor in regards to the salvation of the Clark County Courthouse. I really
expected, if not a lot, some, response from this community as to their thoughts
on the destruction of the courthouse. Whether pro or con I expected some
interested people to speak up with their opinions with letters to the editor.
But not one, not one person rebutted with a letter to the editor with a single
word. I was quite shocked, surprised and disappointed that no one had an opinion
on this subject to put in the paper. Not one person had the courage to tell the
citizens of Clark County what they thought about the annihilation of one of our
greatest historical landmarks in my opinion. I inquired as to why people were
silent and was told, this not a quote, that people of this county are worried
about what the neighbors might say. They might step on toes if they wrote a
letter to the editor of a paper and signed their name to such an outrageous

Several weeks later I found out this is not correct, the
citizens of this county do have opinions. They just aren’t bold enough to put
their opinions in the paper for everyone to read. People around this county like
to voice their opinions over cups of coffee or bottles of beer. What about the
people who are not within ear shot? Not everyone is drinking coffee or drinking

Every one in the county should be heard. Some of us want to know
what you have to say. I prefer speaking out in the open for all to here, not
behind doors where only a few are present. My opinions are mine and I will speak
them loud and clear.

I can not believe that a majority of people in Clark
County are going to stand by while part of our county history is reduced to
rubble and dust, just to please a few. This will happen because people don’t
care enough to vote to save the courthouse or will vote to destroy the
courthouse. If we want to save our courthouse we all need to be registered to
vote so our opinions can be heard in writing.

I just finished reading, “A
New Courthouse? Questions and answers for your consideration.” It sounds like a
lot of excuses and hot air to me. I want to know who wrote it, there was no
author mentioned. I want to know what it cost the courthouse commissioners to
pay someone to write all of those excuses and numbers. I would like to address
question & answer number 12. QUESTION: Can a group step forward to take care
of the old courthouse? ANSWER: Yes…..[skip forward] Such a group should submit
their proposal to the commissioners no later than six months AFTER COMPLETION OF
THE NEW COURTHOUSE for the commissioners to evaluate. Now–it might be me but it
sounds like the new courthouse is a done deal and it’s not even Nov. 3rd yet. No
one have voted anything, at least not on a ballot. How can that be?

this letter full of emotion? You betcha!! It makes me sick to think of that that
grand ol’ lady is being disregarded and some people of this county want to tear
her down. Our ancestors fought to have that building place in Kahoka. It’s not
like Kahoka was the one and only place chosen for our county seat. I’m not only
fighting for our children future but I’m fighting for the respect of our
ancestors. Our ancestors chose this part of the country, they chose this county,
they chose this town and they chose this courthouse for their futures and for
the futures of their children for a reason. How can we just throw that



Kahoka, MO

Oct. 19, 2009