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By: Tony Paris


(Bloomfield, Iowa) Racing action at the Mountain-Dew Bloomfield Speedway was as hot as the temps for the second straight week in August. Sponsored by Slayton Polaris of Downing, Mo. and kids getting a chance at winning some cool prizes from R L Promotions on back to school night. The Casey’s General Stores USRA Weekly Racing Series always thrills the crowd with two and three wide racing at the semi-banked 3/8 mile speedway. The first feature of the night was the USRA hobby stock division with Jim Walker of Mystic holding off Jason McDaniel of Eldon who tried several times to take the top spot but settled for the runner-up spot with Walker adding to his point lead. Mike Shelton of Ottumwa and Don Nunnikhoven of Sully battled for third with Shelton taking third and Nunnikhoven taking the fourth spot. After the feature Shannon Sample of Milton claimed the carburetor from Nunnikhoven and he did sell.

            In the Kollision Korner hornet division Dale Porter of Pulaski held extend his point lead with a victory in the hornet division. Last weeks winner Ryan Yahnke of Bloomfield took the second spot with Ryan Moore of Centerville taking third and David Probasco of Moulton taking fourth.

            The USRA 360 9:1 B-modified division saw Andrew Schroeder of Keswick taking the win over Mike Wanders of Oskaloosa who took second in his first visit at the Bloomfield Speedway with Paul Underwood of Ottumwa in third and Jared Miller of West Des Moines in fourth.

            The USRA Stock Car feature was one of the best features of the year with Phil McClure of Floris driving son Tyler’s car and took the lead and paced the field the first ten laps before Pat Rachels of Knoxville would make the pass on the high side taking the top spot and leading the final five laps for the win. McClure took second with Matt Greiner of Washington taking third and Ben Jones of Williamsburg taking the fourth spot.

            The Spilman’s Auto Parts USRA A-Modifieds saw Steve Stewart of Washington and Scott Dickey of Packwood leading the field to the green flag. Stewart took the lead off turn two but would spin the orange 17 in front of the field sending him to the back of the field on the restart. Dickey would pace the field for the next thirteen laps before Stewart would go wheel-to-wheel with Dickey on the white flag lap with Dickey spinning his 40 machine and Stewart taking the win. Dennis Elliott of Mt. Ayr  would take the second spot with Brandon Banks of Washington taking fourth and Dickey taking seventh.

            This weeks action sponsored by Greiner Buildings of Washington with  the USRA Casey’s General Stores Weekly Racing Series, plus Mid-America 305 Winged Sprints and “Faster Pastor Races” with only two weeks remaining at the speedway fans need to take in the action before old man winter bring on the winter blues.   




Heat#1-1.61-Ryan Moore, Centerville 2. 77-Davis Probasco, Moulton  3. 26-Jim Garrett, Ottumwa 4. 88-Gene Irwin, Bloomfield 5. 29-Kevin Garrett, Bloomfield 6. 26f-Mike Fisher, Blakesburg


Heat#2-1.SAP1-Ryan Yahnke, Bloomfield 2.31-Dale Porter, Pulaski 3.44-Ryan Anderson, Donnellson 4.21-Nick Ulin, Agency 5. 15-Keith Engle, Moravia 6. 21Y-Bill Young, Ottumwa


A-Feature 1.31-Porter 2.SAP1-Yahnke 3.61-Moore 4.77-Probasco 5.44-Anderson 6.26-Garrett 7.88-Irwin 8.21Y-Young 9.21-Ulin 10.29-Garrett 11.26F-Fisher 12.15-Engle




Heat#1-1.2k-Derek Kirkland, Centerville 2.85-Jason McDaniel, Eldon 3.10G-Dustin Griffiths, Ottumwa 4.16-Mike Shelton, Ottumwa 5.61N-Nathan Olinger, Floris 6.74-Shannon Sample, Milton 7.34f-Robby Sands, Centerville 8. 88-Mike Leffler, Ankeny


Heat#2-1.5N-Don Nunnikhoven, Sully 2. 21x-Curtis Barnes, Greentop, Mo. 3. 01s-Shawn Smothers, Oskaloosa  4. 55-Ricky Wilson, Ottumwa  5. 80-Jim Walker, Mystic 6.11X-Jeff Griffiths, Ottumwa 7.71-Louis Lynch, Glenwood, Mo.


A-Feature 1.80-Walker 2.85-McDaniel 3.16-Shelton 4.5N-Nunnikhoven 5.61N-Olinger 6.10G-Griffiths 7.01s-Smothers 8.74-Sample 9.34F-Sands 10.21X-Barnes 11.71-Lynch 12.2K-Kirkland 13.55-Wilson 14.11x-Griffiths 15.88-Leffler




Heat#1-1.02-Andrew Schroeder, Keswick 2.1-Paul Underwood, Ottumwa 3.44-Mike Wanders, Oskaloosa 4.9-Jared Miller, West Des Moines


A-Feature 1.02-Schroeder 2.44-Wanders 3.1-Underwood 4.9-Miller




Heat#1-1.29-Matt Greiner, Washington 2.4-Toby Johnson, Eldon 3.42-Ben Jones, Williamsburg 4.01-Lonnie Taylor, Bloomfield 5.79-Chris Hawkins, Drakesville 6.34-Pat Rachels, Knoxville


Heat#2-1.73M-Tyler McClure, Floris 2.3M-Phil McClure, Floris 3.01I-Mike Harward, Floris 4.79J-Brian Jackson, Moravia 5.6S-Jody Small, Memphis, Mo. 6.44R-Tanya Sederburg, Fairfield


A-Feature 1.34-Rachels 2.3M-McClure 3.29-Greiner 4.42-Jones 5.79J-Jackson 6.01-Taylor 7.01I-Harward 8.4-Johnson 9.73M-McClure 10.6S-Small 11.44R-Sederburg 12.79-Hawkins




Heat#1-1.Z4-Jody Wood, Donnellson 2.17-Steve Stewart, Washington 3. 40-Scott Dickey, Packwood 4.22-Brandon Banks, Washington 5.2020-Chris Eggers, Lancaster, Mo.


Heat#2-1.29-Dennis Elliott, Mt. Ayr 2.77-Jim Lynch, Bloomfield 3.14R-Jim Redmann, Lockridge 4.9X-Charles Baker, Labelle, Mo. 5.9-Tom Lathrop, Ottumwa


A-Feature  1.17-Stewart 2.29-Elliott 3.22-Banks 4.Z4-wood 5.14R-Redmann  6.9x-Baker 7.9-Lathrop 8.40-Dickey 9.77-Lynch 10.2020-Eggers