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Highland Cougars Lose Against Bobcats

Highland Cougars Lose Against Bobcats

   The Highland Cougars met in play against the Bowling Green Bobcats on Friday evening, September 14, 2007, at Bowling Green.

   Scoring in the first quarter found Bowling Green making a touchdown and the extra point with 8:33 on the clock, soon followed by another TD and extra point with 4:42 on the clock in the first quarter. 

   The Bobcats continued to score TDs and extra points with 0:01 and 2:05on the clock in the second and third quarters.

   The Bobcats once again scored with a touch down with 11:46 on the clock.  Highland rallied in the fourth quarter by scoring a Cougar TD and extra point with 1:54 on the clock.

   Offensive leaders for the Cougars were #34 Harcsher with 8 attempts and rushing 57 yards, #15 Ellison with 14 attempts and rushing 53 yards, and #36 Roberts 10 attempts for 31 rushing yards.  #15 Ellison completed six passes for a total of 88 yards.  #85 Power received four passes for 47 yards, #34 Harcsher received one pass for a total of 23 yards, #88 Norcross receive done pass for 10 yards and #36 Roberts received one pass for 8 yards.

   The Highland Defensive line made a number of tackles including #34 Harcsher – 5 unassisted and 5 assisted tackles, #33 Hines – 4 unassisted and 6 assisted tackles, #56 J. Sparks – 3 unassisted and 8 assisted tackles, #88 Norcross – 2 unassisted and 1 assisted tackles.  #88 Norcross also completed an interception for the Cougar squad.

   “#1 Job clocked a punt with 1:54 in the fourth quarter, while #36 Roberts recovered and ran six yards for a touch down.  #85 Power kicked in the extra point for the Cougars,” said Cougar coach David Raleigh.