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Lady Eagles Win Green City Relays

By David Sharp

Katie Ausmus and Suzanne Howerton brought three gold medals each home to Knox County helping lead the Lady Eagles to their second varsity team track championship of the 2008 season. Knox County racked up 120 team points, winning the girls’ championship of the 2008 Green City Relays.
Linn County placed second in the girls’ field with 111 points. Novinger was third with 68 girls’ points. Green City finished fourth with 57 points. Brashear took fifth with 55 points.
Remaining Green City Relays teams in order of girls’ finish were sixth place Newtown-Harris, Mercer, Bucklin, Atlanta, Cainsville, Milan, Bevier, and Macon County.
Tessa Ramer, Lorrie Peters, Lorelei Schlueter, Brady Bugh won two Knox County gold medals each. Kale Watson won two Brashear gold medals.
Novinger Wildcat Aric Luman won four Green City Relays high school gold medals. Jacob Rex of Milan, Ashley Williams of Novinger, and Jamie Guffey of Linn County were among athletes winning two Green City Relays gold medals, emblematic of first place finishes.
“This was a competitive meet. I know the kids were excited,” said Knox County track coach John Weaver.
“When you can rack up 60 points in first place finishes, that gets you halfway there. We had a good fourth place boys’ finish. We are down a bit in numbers, but the kids we have are working hard,”
Novinger won the boys’ team title with 125 points. Brashear finished a strong second with 121 ½ points. Newtown-Harris placed third overall with 102 ½ points. Knox County took fourth place with 58 points. Newtown-Harris won all four boys’ relay race gold medals.
Milan was fifth in the final boys’ standings with 51 points. Atlanta took sixth at 48.5 points. Linn County edged Mercer for seventh place 36.5 to 36 points. Bevier, Green City, Macon County and Bucklin rounded out the Green City Relays boys’ field.
Aric Luman won the boys’ 100m dash in 12.72 seconds. The meet was held with nice temperatures, but a stiff wind. Mitchell Pegg took the 100m dash silver medal for Knox County at 12.80 seconds. David Anderson won a Brashear bronze medal at 13.34 seconds.
Hayden Coin placed sixth in the boys’ 100 meters for Brashear at 13.72 seconds. Hailee Kelsey took sixth for Brashear in the girls’ 100m dash at 16.11 seconds. Alena Koester placed eighth for Knox County at 16.45 seconds.
Knox County sprinter Lorelei Schlueter false started and was disqualified from the girl’s 100 meter dash. The Lady Eagle state qualifier responded with a 200 meter dash win in 29.38 seconds. Hailee Kelsey was sixth in the 200m dash for Brashear in 31.48 seconds.
Aric Luman completed his Novinger sprint sweep with a 25.52 second time in the boys’ 200m dash. Mitchell Pegg earned his second silver medal of the day in 25.63 seconds.
David Anderson broke the tape in 59.04 seconds winning the boys’ 400 meter dash for Brashear. Cody Pegg ran the 400 meters in 1:02.93 seconds good for a Knox County fourth place finish. Kale Watson was eighth in the boys’ 400 meter dash in 68 seconds.
Lorrie Peters earned a Knox County bronze medal in the girls’ 400m dash in 1:14.10 seconds. Hailee Kelsey was fifth for Brashear at 1:16.82 seconds. Brady Bugh placed eighth for Knox County in the open 400 meters in 1:21.78 seconds.
Suzanne Howerton pinned a gold medal on her Knox County letter jacket with an 800 meter run win in 2:48.72 seconds. Mary VanIngen was second for Milan at 2:50.15 seconds. Jessi Hill won the girls’ 800 meter bronze medal at 3:07 seconds.
Katie Ausmus won the girls’ 1600 meter gold medal for Knox County in 6:48.34 seconds. Jessi Hill was second for Brashear in 7:01 seconds.
Jacob Rex won the boys’ 1600 meter run for Milan in 5:27.56 seconds. Justin Hazen won a Brashear silver medal in 5:31.10 seconds. Josiah Belzer was third in the metric mile at 5:36 seconds. Colton Deem placed eighth for Knox County at six minutes flat.
Katie Ausmus finished fourth in Class 1 in the girls’ 3200m run at the 2007 state track meet. Ausmus captured the Green City Relays girls’ 3200 meter run gold medal in 14:48 seconds. Jessi Hill finished second in 15:17 seconds. Stephanie Elsea won the bronze medal for Brashear n 18:02 seconds.
Justin Hazen won the boys’ 3200m run gold medal crossing the finish line first in 12 minutes flat. Josiah Belzer was second at 12:11 seconds. Joseph Rice placed fourth for Knox County in 13:24 seconds. Andrew Sharp was eighth for Knox County in the metric two mile at 15:34 seconds.
Knox County won three of the four girls’ relay races and took second in the remaining 400m relay.
Linn County (58.41) edged Knox County in the girls’ 4×100 meter relay by four tenths of a second. Tessa Ramer, Amanda Woods, Alena Koester, and Lorelei Schlueter won silver medals in 58.89 seconds.
Tessa Ramer, Brady Bugh, Lorelei Schlueter and Amanda Woods won Knox County gold medals in the 4×200 meter relay in 2:04.93 seconds. Newtown-Harris swept all four boys’ relay races. Cody Pegg, Mitchell Pegg, Jacob Moots and Brady James earned silver medals in the boys’ 800m relay in 1:46.65 seconds.
Dyllon Redding, Adam Songer, Hayden Coin and Cody Snelling placed fifth for Brashear in the boys’ 4x200m relay in 1:56.54 seconds.
Lorrie Peters, Tessa Ramer, Amanda Woods and Suzanne Howerton won gold medals for Knox County in the girls’ 4×400 meter relay in five minutes flat. Sydney Slavin, Adrienne Mountain, Caroline Slavin and Abby McKim placed fifth for Brashear with a girls’ 1600m relay time of 5:59 seconds.
Trae Treasure, Tony Raine, Jacob Sweet, and Jacob Owen won Brashear silver medals in the boys’ 4×400 meter relay in 4:20 seconds. Newtown-Harris had a winning time of 4:11 seconds.
Colton Deem, Joe Rice, Josh Clark, and Ben Harder placed sixth for Knox County in the boys’ 4x400m relay in 4:53 seconds.
Suzanne Howerton, Lorrie Peters, Katie Ausmus, and Brady Bugh won the girls’ 4x800m relay for Knox County in 12:20 seconds. Sydney Slavin, Adrienne Mountain, Stephanie Elsea and Abby McKim picked up Brashear bronze medals in 13:25 seconds.
Newtown-Harris won the boys’ 3200 meter relay in 10:10 seconds. Josiah Belzer, Justin Hazen, Kiley Watson, and Jacob Owen took 4x800m relay silver medals for Brashear in 10:13 seconds.
Joe Rice, Tory Yoakum, Josh Clark, along with Andrew Sharp placed sixth for Knox County in the boys’ 3200m relay in 11:22 seconds.
Jamie Guffey won the girls’ 100 meter hurdles for Linn County in 19.22 seconds. Novinger’s Ashley Williams was a close second at 19.23 seconds. Jordin Luthenauer placed sixth for Knox County at 21.42 seconds. Erica Miller placed eighth for the Lady Eagles at 27.74 seconds.
Kale Watson won the boys 110m high hurdles for Brashear in 19.49 seconds. Brady James captured a bronze medal for Knox County in 20.61 seconds. Matt Thomas was fourth in 21.19 seconds and Tory Yoakum placed eighth for Knox County in 23.45 seconds.
Ashley Williams won the girls’ 300m hurdles for Novinger in 53.27 seconds. Tessa Ramer placed fourth for Knox County in 58.40 seconds. Caroline Slavin placed sixth for Brashear in 60.50 seconds. Jordin Luthenauer placed seventh in 1:01 seconds.
Novinger took the top two boys’ medals in the long and the triple jump. Aric Luman won both the long and triple jump gold medals. Dakota Jacques won Wildcat silver medals in both events. Jamie Guffey took the girls’ long jump gold medal.
Amanda Woods leaped 13’4 ½” placing fourth in the girls’ long jump. David Anderson placed fourth in the boys’ long jump at 17’8 ½”. Cody Pegg was eighth in the long jump at 16’1/2″.
Katie Ausmus placed sixth in the girls’ triple jump at 27’2″. Jessi Hill placed seventh in the triple jump for Brashear at 25’11 ½”. Trae Treasure placed seventh in the boys’ triple jump at 33’5″.
Kale Watson won the boys’ high jump clearing 5’7″. David Anderson placed seventh in the high jump at 5’4″. Alena Koester cleared at 4’5″ one inch shy of a girls’ high jump gold medal. Koester took home the silver medal.
Trae Treasure took seventh in the boys’ shot put at 36’10 ½”. Jacob Moots placed seventh for Knox County in the shot put at 36’2″. Kaley Sutton was sixth in the girls’ discus for Knox County at 76’8″. Kiley Watson placed eighth for the Tigers in the boys’ discus at 84’9″.
Cody Simmons, Kaley Sutton, Becca Mallett and Kelcey Bryant won the weight throwers relay race for Knox County.