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Rep. Brian Munzlinger Named Chair of House Committee on Agri-Business

 Rep. Brian Munzlinger Named Chair of
House Committee on Agri-Business

Jefferson City, MO- House Speaker Ron Richard, R-Joplin, today selected Representative Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown, to chair the House Committee on Agri-Business for the 95th General Assembly. Rep. Munzlinger also served as chair of the committee for the 94th General Assembly.

“Brian has proven himself as a leader and as a strong voice for the needs of Missouri’s agri-business community,” said Speaker Richard. “He is the ideal choice to lead the House Agri-Business Committee as we explore new and innovative ways to promote economic development in the agriculture industry.”

The House Committee on Agri-Business considers and reports upon bills referred to it relating to agriculture-related business and the future development of the agriculture business environment. As chair of the committee, Rep. Munzlinger will preside over committee hearings and be responsible for all legislation referred to the committee.

“During these tough economic times, we must develop policy initiatives that will allow our agriculture industry to grow and flourish,” said Rep. Munzlinger. “As a farmer myself, I am familiar with the needs of our agriculture community and I am ready and willing to work to address the problems faced by our state’s most vital industry. This will be a challenging session, but I am confident we will pass legislation that will build on Missouri’s reputation as being a leader in the field of agriculture.”

Rep. Munzlinger represents the 1st District, which encompasses Clark, Knox, Lewis, Schuyler, Scotland and part of Marion and Adair counties. He was first elected to the House in November 2002. In addition to his legislative duties, Rep. Munzlinger is an active farmer.