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CDC confirms Missouri’s first case of new flu strain

CDC confirms Missouri’s first case of
new flu strain

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today
confirmed that a woman in Platte County contracted the same swine flu virus
that has sickened at least 141 people nationwide.

The case marks Missouri’s first confirmed incidence of the
new swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus. The patient is a woman in her 30s
who recently traveled to Mexico, where the virus first emerged.

The woman received antiviral medication and was never
admitted to a hospital. Health officials have informed all persons with whom
the patient had direct contact so that they can receive appropriate medical
care. Their doctor or other medical provider will determine whether they should
receive doses of antiviral medication.

The woman and people with whom she has been in contact also
have been given instructions in ways to avoid spreading the virus.

In response to the virus’ presence in Missouri, the
Department of Health and Senior Services has overseen the distribution of
medical supplies and antiviral medications to every county in the state. These
supplies will bolster private supplies already available in pharmacies,
hospitals and medical clinics.