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Lady Birds and BPCA Win Cansippi Relays

Birds and BPCA Win
Cansippi Relays

By David Sharp

Kelsey Cahalan and Leighton McCabe won silver medals at the 2010
Cansippi Relays varsity track meet, held April 15 on the Culver-Stockton
College campus. Dallas Job won the boy’s 100 and 200 meter dash events for
Highland. Dyllon Howard won the triple jump with Joe Ray taking second for the

Joe Ray won the long jump for second place Highland. Bushnell
Prairie City (BPCA) scored 175 boy’s points winning the team championship. The
Cougars took second at 133. Mexico placed third with 115 points. South Shelby
came in fourth with 72 boy’s points.

Kendra Pierce won the girl’s 100, 200 and 400 meter dash races
for BPCA.

Canton took fifth at 48 points. West Hancock was sixth in the
final boy’s standings with 39 points. Knox County finished seventh in both the
boy’s and girls team standings.

The Eagle boys scored 30 points. Clark County was next at 29
points. Unity had 26 points and Marion County was tenth at 23 points.

South Shelby won the girls’ team title with 128 points. BPCA was
second in the final girls’ standings at 123 points. Mexico HS was third at 93
points. Fourth place Marion County had another good showing with 67 points.

West Hancock took fifth with 58 points. Unity was sixth with 47
points. Knox County’s girls scored 41 points. Highland was eighth at 38 points.
Canton placed ninth in their home meet with 30 points. Clark County was tenth
on the girls’ blotter with 26 points.

South Shelby took the boy’s 3200m relay in 8:54.73 seconds.
Highland was fourth at 10:18.30 seconds. Clark County finished sixth in the
boy’s 4x800m relay in 10:42.44 seconds. Jasmine Scott took fifth for Clark
County in the girls’ 100m hurdles at 20.54 seconds.

Shannon Hall won the boy’s 110m hurdles for South Shelby in
16.09 seconds. Dylan Dannanhauer won the silver medal for Highland in 16.31
seconds. Brandon Baird earned the bronze for Knox County at 16.41 seconds. Jonathan
Howren was fourth for Clark County in the 110m hurdles at 16.58 seconds. Dalton
McCarty was seventh for the Indians in 18.75 seconds.

Kendra Pierce won the girls’ 100m dash for BPCA in 12.19 seconds.
Kelsey Sparks (13.17) was sixth and Kelli Adams (14.19) placed seventh for
Highland. Kathleen Hinkle placed eighth for Knox County in 14.25 seconds. Brady
Bugh placed ninth for the Lady Eagles in 14.38 seconds. Kelsey Salyers placed
12th for Clark County in 16.24 seconds.

Dallas Job broke the line in 11.19 seconds on the all weather
track, winning the boy’s 100m dash gold medal for Highland. Corbin Alderton was
fifth for the Cougars at 11.72 seconds. Ryan Whiston was eighth in the 100
meters for Clark County in 12 seconds flat. Brent Cowan (12.19) was 12th
and David Hinkle (12.22) finished 14th for the Eagles.

BPCA took the girls’ 800m relay at 1:53.05 seconds. Knox County
won bronze medals in the girls’ 4×200 meter relay in 2:04.90 seconds. Clark
County was fifth at 2:10.47 seconds.

BPCA completed the 4×200 relay sweep, winning the boys’ gold
medal in 1:37.41 seconds. Highland was second at 1:38.86 seconds. Clark County
finished fourth in 1:41.95 seconds.

Jill Barry won the girls’ 1600 meter run for South Shelby in
5:57.85 seconds. Kelsey Cahalan earned a silver medal for Knox County in
5:59.98 seconds. Katie Melvin was fifth for Highland in 6:21.22 seconds.

Sam Kelly won the boy’s 1600 meters for Mexico in 4:51.04 seconds.
Defending 1600 meter district champion Leighton McCabe was second for Knox
County in 4:53.59 seconds. Justin Columbia ran the metric mile in 6:10 seconds
for Clark County, placing 14th overall.

BPCA won another Cansippi relay title, breaking the line in
46.45 seconds in the boy’s 4×100. Highland was second in 47.22 seconds. Clark
County won bronze medals in 48.08 seconds.

Kendra Pierce took the girls’ 400m dash in 59.53 seconds. Kelsey
Cahalan won a Knox County bronze medal in 1:05.19 seconds. Toni Schmidt placed
fifth for Highland at 1:07.41 seconds. Heather Burgess turned n a 1:34 second
400 meters for Clark County, placing 11th overall.

Nine competitors ran the boy’s 400 meter dash in under a minute.
Ryan Uhlmeyer won the open 400 gold medal for Canton in 53.25 seconds. Dyllon
Howard took the silver medal for Highland in 54.41 seconds.

David Hinkle placed sixth in the 400m dash for Knox County in
57.13 seconds. Brent Cowan was ninth overall in the 400 meter dash in 58.81
seconds. Highland’s Blaine Bowen ran a 1:00.59 second time for Highland. Clark
County runners Seth Williams clicked off a 60.82 second time. Jacob Kirchner
ran the 400 meters in 65.91 seconds.

Jessica Farmer won the girls’ 300m hurdles for South Shelby in
51.65 seconds. Kelsey Washburne placed seventh for Clark County in 1:08.16
seconds. Jasmine Scott was next for the Lady Indians at 1:11.32 seconds.

Shannon Hall won the boy’s 300m Intermediate hurdles for South
Shelby in 40.98 seconds. Dylan Dannenhauer won a Highland silver medal in 42.19

Brandon Baird won the 300m hurdle bronze medal for Knox County
in 43.93 seconds. Jonathan Howren took seventh for Clark County in 48.16
seconds. Jeremy Logsdon placed ninth overall for the Indians at 48.88 seconds.

Marion County’s Randi Lee Plunkett won her specialty race,
taking the Cansippi Relays girls’ 800 meter gold medal in 2:34.66 seconds.
Suzanne Howerton took sixth in the 800 meters for Knox County in 2:48.66

Veronica King was ninth for Highland at 3:01 seconds. Jillian
Wilson was tenth for Clark County in 3:06. Morgan Street was 12th
overall in the girl’s 800 meters for Clark County in 3:20 seconds. Leighton
McCabe turned in a 2:22.77 second time, good for seventh in the boy’s 800 meter

Kendra Pierce continued her sprint dominance, winning the girl’s
200m dash in 25.35 seconds. Kathleen Hinkle was sixth for Knox County in 29.32
seconds. Kelsey Sparks placed seventh for Highland at 29.47 seconds. Keli Adams
was ninth for the Cougars at 31.22 seconds.

Taylor Carter was tenth overall in the 200 meters for Clark
County in 31.36 seconds. Brady Bugh was next for Knox County in 31.63 seconds.
Heather Burgess turned in a 42.43 second 200 meters for Clark County.

Dallas Job won a Highland gold medal in the 200 meter dash in
23.26 seconds. Corbin Alderton won the silver medal for Highland at 23.77
seconds. Jeremy Logsdon was seventh for Clark County at 24.69 seconds.

Knox County freshman Brent Cowan was ninth overall in the boy’s
200m dash in 24.94 seconds. Dalton McCarty was 11th overall for
Clark County in 25.50 seconds. David Hinkle placed 13th in the 200m
dash in 26.67 seconds.

Jill Barry won the girls 3200m run for South Shelby in 13:07.68
seconds. Katie Melvin placed fifth for Highland at 14:11.53 seconds. Stephanie
Johnson placed eighth for Clark County at 15:25.60 seconds. Billy Melvin was
fourth for Highland in the boy’s 3200m race in 12:09.82 seconds.

Marion County won the girls’ 4×400 meter relay in 4:27.56 seconds.
Knox County took fourth in 4:35.55 seconds. Highland was sixth at 4:49.50
seconds. Clark County was eighth in the girls’ 1600m relay at 5:07.25 seconds.

Mexico won the boy’s 4×400 event in 3:39.34 seconds. Highland
was second in 3:44.19 seconds. Clark County placed eighth in 4:10.32 seconds.

Erica Miller won the girls’ high jump for Mexico at 5’2”. Lacey
Woods was fifth for Knox County at 4’4”. Mac Schlicher won the boy’s high jump
for West Hancock, clearing at 5’8”. Lindsey McDowell won the bronze medal for
Highland at 5’6”.

Brandon Baird took seventh in the high jump for Knox County,
clearing at 5’4”. Highland’s Kegan Brown and Jeremy Logsdon of Clark County
cleared at five feet.

Heather Elder won the girls’ discus for Mexico at 98’9 ½”.
Chelsea Edmonson took fifth for Clark County at 82’5”. Kayla Job placed eighth
for Highland at 72’5”. Teammate Miranda Williams chucked the disc 59’7”. Becca
Mallett tossed the discus 54 feet for Knox County. Britani Miller had a 52’3”
toss for Clark County.

Nathaniel Marshall had a fine 164’7” discus throw, winning the
gold medal for BPCA. Marshall also won the shot put at 49’ 10”. Ethan Humphreys
was eighth for Highland at 99’9”. Brandon Bourgeois placed ninth for Clark
County at 98’7”.

AC Sparrow had a 73 foot toss for Highland. Kyle Kovar recorded
a 60’ 9 ½” discus throw for Clark County. Matt Moore tossed the disc 58’1” for
Knox County.

Carley Williams won the girls’ discus for Highland at 32’10” Chelsea
Edmondson took fourth for Clark County at 31’2”. Kayla Job turned in a 26’5”
heave for Highland. Becca Mallett toss the steel ball 25’4”. Brittani Miller
had a 25’ 1 ½” distance for Clark County.

Ethan Sharpe finished fourth in the boy’s shot put for Highland
at 41’10 ½”. Jacob McAfee placed eighth for Clark County at 37’9”. Ethan
Humphreys turned in a 34’5” heave. Luke Ross threw the shot 33 feet for Clark
County. Matt Moore turned in a 22’8” distance for Knox County. Kelsey Sparks
was sixth for Highland in the girls’ triple jump at 33’5”.

Dyllon Howard won the boys’ triple jump for Highland at 40’10”.
Joe Ray won the silver medal at 40’8 ½”. Brandon Baird took sixth in the boy’s
triple jump at 39’2”.

Kellen Gillaspy placed ninth for Knox County in the triple jump
at 37’9 ½”. Justin Alderton placed tenth at 37’1”. Jonathan Howren took 12th
for the Indians at 35’7”.

Joe Ray won the boy’s long jump at 19’5 ¼”. Derrick Smith was
sixth for the Cougars at 17’10”. Adam Sturm took eighth for Clark County in
17’2 ¾”. Kellen Gillaspy was tenth in the long jump at 16’7”. Justin Alderton
was next at 16’6”. Keli Adams was seventh in the girls’ long jump for Highland
at 13’9 ½”.