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Edina City Council Meeting on August 8, 2016 Video with Time Codes

The following video was recorded by Echo Menges on August 8, 2016 at the Edina City Hall during a regular City Council Meeting.

Scroll down for time codes.

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Edina City Council Meeting on Monday, August 8, 2016

Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of Minutes from June Meeting by Margaret Gibson, City Clerk 00:01:20

Collectors Report by Melissa Yoakum, Collector/Billing Clerk 00:07:56

Treasurer’s Report (Issued to Council in Writing) 00:10:34

Monthly Bills First Pass 00:11:20

Citizen Comments 00:11:46

Sewer Project Update, Mark Bross representing Klingner & Associates 00:12:20

Department Reports:

Supervisor of Utilities Ty Parrish 00:29:01

Wastewater Treatment superintendent Mike Wriedt 00:37:00

Edina Police Chief Kelly Hayes 00:44:18

New Business 00:55:00

Alderman Comments 01:04:50

Vote to go into Closed Session