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State Tax Commission Sides with Knox Assessor, Knox County Community Center Not Exempt from Taxes

The decision of the State Tax Commission to support the decision of the Knox County Assessor Anita James in the case brought by the Knox County Community Center contesting the taxability of real property and personal property was given on November 22, 2016.

Over the last two years the KCCC Board of Directors has been fighting to win a tax exemption for the center.

Earlier this month a hearing was held on the matter before Maureen Monaghan, Hearing Officer with the State Tax Commission.

Representatives of the KCCC can appeal the decision by asking for a “review” by the State Tax Commission. The deadline to ask for a “review” is 30 days from the date the decision was sent out and it is unknown whether KCCC representatives will appeal the decision.

In 2014 the KCCC paid $7,213.53 in real and personal property tax, $6,908.02 is in escrow for 2015, and $6,578.66 is due for 2016, according to a representative of the Assessor’s office.

A representative of KCCC said, fees may have to go up to off-set the cost of the taxes. That will be up to the Board of Directors.

Read the full decision here: kccc-vs-anita-james-tax-commission-decision