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Spring Arrived, Will You?

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Spring seems to have arrived, and along with it, varying temperatures and
weather patterns. These changes can cause problems for drivers. The
Missouri State Highway Patrol offers these reminders for driving safely
during spring:

Recent heavy rain has caused flash flooding. Never drive through
fast-moving waters; even a small amount of fast-moving water can sweep a
slow-moving vehicle off the roadway. If your vehicle becomes stuck in
rising water, get out quickly and move to higher ground. Respect barriers
or barricades put in place by MoDOT — they are there to protect you, don’t
go around them!

Widely varying temperatures can leave roadways or bridge floors covered
with frost. Even though roads appear to be clear, it is important to slow
down and watch for slick areas, especially early in the morning.
Temperature changes also cause fog to develop. Drivers need to slow down,
turn on their headlights, and be prepared to stop in foggy conditions.

Drivers need to be aware of farming equipment in the spring. Tractors and
other wide farm implements will be traveling down rural roads. Drivers are
encouraged to be patient, slow down, and give these pieces of equipment
room on the road. If you plan to pass a slow-moving farm implement, do so
wisely. Never attempt to pass on hills or curves. Also, check for a
“driveway” on the left before passing. A farm implement moving to the right
may be preparing for a wide turn; rather than allowing you to pass.

Spring weather brings more traffic to the roadways, as people begin taking
advantage of Missouri’s many recreation areas. Watch for changes in traffic
patterns caused by the increase in the number of drivers on the road. One
of the traffic patterns to watch for is an increase in bicycles or
pedestrians. In nice weather, joggers are more common. Also, children are
likely to walk or ride their bicycle to school.